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Do you need a wheel alignment?

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In basic terms, a wheel alignment involves fixing the angles of your tyres. This includes making adjustments to the suspension parts of your car, such as the arms and linkages that connect the wheels to the vehicle and keep them aligned.

The purpose of a wheel alignment service is to ensure that your tyres maintain optimal contact with the road surface. This is achieved by carefully measuring, analysing, and adjusting the steering and suspension angles of your car.

Since the angles that require adjustment are extremely precise, even minor variations in wheel alignment specifications can greatly affect your car's handling, safety, and overall performance.

What are the Main Measurements of a Wheel Alignment?

Different types of vehicles may have various adjustment methods available. But, the main measurements required to perform a wheel alignment include the camber, caster, and toe, regardless of the vehicle type.


The camber angle pertains to the slanting of the tyre towards the inside or outside when seen from the front of the vehicle. Excessive positive or negative camber can result in uneven wear on the tyre edges. A poorly aligned camber can be caused by damaged suspension parts like springs, shock absorbers, bolt joints, and similar components.


The caster angle enhances the ability of the steering wheel to return to its central position and promotes straight-line stability. If there is a significant disparity in the caster angles of the front wheels, an incorrectly adjusted caster can result in the vehicle pulling to one side. Additionally, the caster can affect the amount of steering effort required.


Toe alignment refers to the degree to which the wheels are angled inward or outward in relation to the car's centre line. Vehicles with excessive toe-in or toe-out may suffer from quick tyre deterioration. Toe alignment can frequently be influenced by worn-out ball joints or the tie rods situated at either end of the steering rack.

Wheel alignment performed in a store.

Why is wheel alignment important?

Having proper wheel alignment for your car is crucial for several reasons. It mainly ensures safe and predictable handling, as well as even wear on your tyres.

A wheel alignment service can also lead to better fuel efficiency, as misaligned wheels can cause your car to consume more fuel since the engine has to exert more effort to propel the vehicle.

Moreover, correctly aligned wheels can extend the longevity of your tyres, boost your car's stability during emergency braking, and enhance its handling and comfort.

In general, maintaining the correct alignment of your wheels is crucial for taking care of your vehicle. It not only promotes driving safety but also boosts fuel economy, enhances the durability of your tyres, and contributes to a smoother and more pleasurable driving experience.

How do I Know if my Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment?

In addition to routine wheel alignments, there are certain instances when you may need to book a wheel alignment service for your car. These scenarios include:

  1. If you notice a noticeable alteration in your car's handling during your drive.
  2. If your car is veering to one side, even when the steering wheel is centred.
  3. Potholes can cause suspension damage or affect the alignment of your vehicle.
  4. Your car pulls to one side while in motion.
  5. When parking, hitting a curb can cause issues.

Book a wheel alignment service with Tyrepower Broome

Correct alignment is critical for safe handling and long tyre life. You should always have a wheel alignment completed when fitting new tyres and approximately every 10,000km to get the longest life from your tyre investment.

Tyrepower Broome provides wheel alignments in Broome and the surrounding areas, including Cable Beach, Djugun, Roebuck and Minyirr and Badgingarra. Maintaining regular wheel alignments will greatly assist in achieving maximum tyre wear and enhance the overall safety and handling of your vehicle.

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